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Sunday, January 6, 2013

my home made cooking..

do i love cooking ? it doesn't matter whether i like it or not..the only things that matter is en shahir and my kids love to eat whatever i cooked for them without complain...  but with compliments  :)  some dialogue that encourage me to cook more often are like; 
  • en shahir:    "ayam tu nampak manthap" "uihh...tak bleh tahan tgk daging kicap tuh"  "tolong panaskan lauk semalam, sy nak makan la".... 
  • auni:            "sedapnye mummy masak"  "mummy masak sedaaapp sangat"... 
  • adam:          "no sound" makan apa saja!! heheh..

compliment is such a small thing but very powerful in making us feel wonderful. It feels great to receive compliment and it makes me feel valued and yes does boost my self-esteem.. to that, i am happy to explore many more recipes and i tried to cook different food every time..
am i good at cooking ? erm.. can i say yes..?! heheh... initially i dont really cook for other or big crowd besides for my husband and my kids..and i dont feel confident to cook for my PIL even..since my MIL is really good at cooking.. but nowaday my mother, my cousin, my brother, my niece and others often saying that my dishes are tasty. they even requested specific menu for me to cook. So since they love my cooking.. i am always happy to cook for them.. i always take this opportunity to try whatever meal that i want, and their happy to eat.. regardless how it turn out. heheh...
recently i bought an oven.. my 1st ever oven. so that i have tried oven baking meals.. the easiest as starting was sherphard pie and tomato sauce cheese baked meatballs... i will not share the recipe here..just google and thousand ways of preparing your sherphard pie are on the internet...
auni celebrated her 4th birthday on 23 december 2012.. the same date also marked our 5th anniversary.. i prepared late dinner. i am very new to baking but yet i'm very proud of it. sherphard pie is very simple, easy and delicious. it turn out that everybody loves it..  me love it too... simple yet tasty. healthy?! i'm not really sure.but inside are minch meat, vegetables and potatoes. so i can say its healthy meal except for the cheese topping.

my assistant.. they were really excited..

en shahir prefer eating at home.. but he has no objection for us to dine out sometimes. but with kids age 4 and 1 half... it is yet easire for us to just buy packed food and eat at home. but we sometimes are out of idea on what to pack for dinner... nasi goreng..mee goreng... nasi goreng... mee goreng... which ended up me coooking.. some simple dishes like udang paprik, telur bistik and to be honest en shahir will only ask me to make telur mata kerbau for him with hot steam rice.
i can conclude that en shahir is a nasi person. the upbringing has taught him to be that way. he will not prefer mee or bihun sup or anything like that. this is the part that i really feel lucky...lucky that i will need to prepapre the lauk pauk. it was a bit hard earlier tho. yes..he just need that telur mata kerbau.. but i have to explore. after 5 years of marriage i have to be thankful to him for that. i am confident to cook now. i dont care whather others will like my cooking or not..the most important thing, is that en shahir and my kids like it.