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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

pizza roti gardenia.... roti expired

happy deepavali to all my indian friends.. ramai ke my indian friends? erm...ermmm... Sithra from cosec group the only that i can remember. who else yer... driver company also indian..and not to forget my neighbour pon india. so far thats all...
btw, cuti tengah2 minggu memang membahagiakan.. we didnt plan for anything... akhirnya melepak sahaja di rumah.. while en shahir cuci tiga2 kereta...
we started our day dengan melihat roti gardenia yang dah expired 3 days before... but well kept in the fridge.. condition still ok..hijau2..change of color: none. so sebab didnt have the courage enough to eat just like that... so i baked them into the oven instead.. put some tomato sauce base, tomatoes, capsicum, sausage and mozarella.... then bakar into the oven...

very fast and easy.. just make sure that u have your cheese in you keeping.. sadly roti cuma ada 7 keping... auni requested for more. sorry la kakak... nanti2 mummy buat lagi...

Monday, November 12, 2012

annoying people around me..

 perkara biasa kan.. there will always annoying people around us.. though they are minority but still.. their presence annoy!
this is one drama..
loud booming voice.. we can hear every word you said on the phone la.. ok..we knnow that you are angry.. but..anybody can become angry.. but please be angry with the right person and to the right degree and the right time and for the right purpose, and of course in the right way..
another drama by the same person..
mood swing.. one minute we are friend.. suddenly another minute we are strangers.. we talked and laughed together at 8:30am.. then i've been ignored by 10am.. One minute, we were talking happily then this person will not talk to me after I talk to someone next to me. the next day, this person approached me and shared something funny and its like  what happened yesterday was never existed. so extremely annoying !
sorry to say, i believe that annoying people are those, who aren´t truly happy. They either got hurt recently or in the past, or they´re just missing something and this is the way how they deal with it.
so what to do ? let us just walk away...instead of getting mad at annoying people.. let us feel sorry for them.. kesiannn... hating them is really a waste of time.. feel sorry for them instead.. senyum lagi banyak dapat pahala...
alone black and white

Friday, November 9, 2012

craving for ketam..


i dont know how to clean ketam.. but i love ketam..even if its a hassle to eat them, it does kind of hurt my fingers but it taste good and  am still love them.. my momo always did the cleaning..
masak lemak cili api ketam nenas is not an alien to malaysian ketam lovers.. really delicious and satisfying.. however en shahir will never prefer for masak gulai lemak. for him ketam tu still smelly.. so i have to look for alternatives.. besides gulai lemak.. biasanya i deep fried dan tumis sambal.. but recently i learned ketam goreng telur masin.. en shahir shared his story dining at marina tanjung lumpur.. it was really good he said.. i want to give a try then..
i planned to look for ketam tomorrow.. but looking at my calendar.. 24 Zulhijjah.. alamak..will have to wait at least another 2 weeks untill full moon.. the tips is during full moon more crabs, solid and heavy crabs could be caught.. i have to wait then.. :(