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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

pizza roti gardenia.... roti expired

happy deepavali to all my indian friends.. ramai ke my indian friends? erm...ermmm... Sithra from cosec group the only that i can remember. who else yer... driver company also indian..and not to forget my neighbour pon india. so far thats all...
btw, cuti tengah2 minggu memang membahagiakan.. we didnt plan for anything... akhirnya melepak sahaja di rumah.. while en shahir cuci tiga2 kereta...
we started our day dengan melihat roti gardenia yang dah expired 3 days before... but well kept in the fridge.. condition still ok..hijau2..change of color: none. so sebab didnt have the courage enough to eat just like that... so i baked them into the oven instead.. put some tomato sauce base, tomatoes, capsicum, sausage and mozarella.... then bakar into the oven...

very fast and easy.. just make sure that u have your cheese in you keeping.. sadly roti cuma ada 7 keping... auni requested for more. sorry la kakak... nanti2 mummy buat lagi...

1 comment:

  1. I should try this. Home made mini pizza. =)

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog =)