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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

my 15 months old Adam..

my 15 months old Adam... is not yet walking and has only 2 bottom teeth...

it is not that Adam can't walk at all.. he will only walk with assistance like me holding his hand.. sometimes he will pull up to his knees, 3 4 steps forward.. fall on his knees again.. but he is not cruising or trying to walk far on his own..  he still choose to crawl.. faster for him i guess.
My plan is to get him a good walking shoes so he feel confident and is not afraid of falling.. i beleive that this nothing to worry about.. adam is moving at his own pace. he will walk when he is ready.. normal range for toddlers to start walking is between 9 - 18 months.. so InsyaAllah.. he will be up and walking around everywhere before long ! 
once he started to walk, we'll long for the days we could put him down and expect him to still be there a minute later...  :)
Adam loves to eat.. anything will be fine for him. we recently had introduced him to durian and he loves durian so much.. unstopable.
the facts that he only has 2 teeth doesnt stop him from trying any kind of solid food.. his top gums swollen bad nowadays.. and adam lately a bit cranky and sometimes temperature will go up until 39.. his top front teeth will come very soon i think..
auni was experiencing the same..her first tooth came out when she was 13 months old.. and the rest popped in at once with no issue...
many have said that the later the teeth come out, the better... it is better the child's teeth to be protected by gum tissue as longer as possible. nevertheless, adam can never bite me...heheheh.. maybe it IS true that breast fed babies ussually get their teeth later..perhaps for protecting their moms!
adam with 2 bottom teeth at his 15 months old is nothing to concenred much about.. He is a healthy boy and his other milestone and progress is more less the same with auni...

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