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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Please mind your language..

watch what you say girl.. think before you speak.. be careful of what you are going to say because words can kill...
i did feel hurt by the words my friend said to me.. sakit hati.. now that even i feel better than before.. i can`t be treating her as good as before..  I might forgive you but I will never, ever forget..
my note: words are very powerful thing.. in a few simple words.. relationships can end, people can cry, hate or becoming angry...please actually think about what you are going to say or before the mean things come out... we should choose the words we are going to say.. or otherwise.. we will lose the best feelings.. there are some people out there really can't handle such a harsh word like that..
think before you speak, you never know how they will affect people



  1. TQ for ur nice reminder..
    pernah jgk terjadi kt sy ;(
    izinkan sy share di blog sy ;)

  2. my pleasure dalila... sampai sekarang perkataan dari seorang "sahabat" itu masih teringat ingat.. :(