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Monday, October 15, 2012

i wont give up... Jason Mraz

i've been in love with this song for almost 3 months already... there's no one day i will not listen to this.. the song is so VERY beautiful.. you can hear that the song and lyric really simple.. but the emotion is sooooo true. just have a hear on the first 30sec guitar..owh..

it really touches my heart and warm my soul.. the message is uplifting and encouraging...
the song reflected the life i'm going thru.. my lovely family, husband and kids.. it motivates me to look into the brighter side of something we always called negative.. do not to easily give up... give chances and some room to people around you... let them make mistake and give them opportunity to learn thru their mistake... guide them..
me myself have to let myself make mistake.. we are no perfect creature.. but we have to be sincere.. love our family, husband and kids sincerely.. always stay together and support each other... it will always the wife to support the husband.. and will always the parents to support their kids... this song brings it all back to what is important... 

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