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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

petua gigit kasut.. old saying

there was this old saying that mentioned.. "bite your new shoes.. so that the new pair won't bite you"... hmmm...dare to ? dare not?... me.. i will say no to that..
I have experienced this so many time with my new pair of heels.. i definately will have blisters on the first or second day i wore the shoes.. blame myself for not choosing the right design and the right fit? if i go another size up.. longgar dan besar! so i think i have choosen the right size...

it happened again during these 2 3 days.. i bought new pairs of heels recently. thanks to en Shahir... kind enough to pay for the heels.
so what i need to do.. is to cover my feet with band-aid or simply apply cotton and stick it with a tape.. :(
after i did some google search.. i think i'm going to rub talcum powder or candle on the rough area that bites me..and i will rub clean the sewing lines and edges dengan kain kasar.. hope this will work..  :(

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