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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good for Carlos-biggest loser asia

Huh...good for Carlos ! Total weight loss at week 12 9 kilos..biggest looser. Carlos choose Tony since he is the biggest threat...haha... that's the strategy. Play the game man... phathetic david!! please~~say me you have no strategy. He's full of emotional. "will never ever vote for blue team member".. hah!! Carlos become the biggest loser tepat pada masanya!

Hehe... emo plak. i've been watching this * biggest loser asia * every Tuesday at HMK 60 minutes series about 2 months ago. Lepas habis senja permai of course~~. takde la tgk sangat... 30 minutes setiap kali tgk. Tapi ada mengikuti perkembangan nyer dari masa ke semasa.

In my opinion.. trainer perempuan pilih team aka red team based on *want to help*.. trainer biru pilih members for blue team based pn *want to win*... obvious per ! nevermind... biarla.. really looking forward for the grand finale episode.. when ar ??! next2 week kot... next week i budget those two ladies will be below the yellow line...hahaha....

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