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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Bulan ini saya mesti berjimat cermat ! berdasarkan penyata credit card bulan lepas, my this month cash flow must be monitored... kikiki... rasakan ! Dont spend much... do not buy unnecessary things for yourself or for auni sekalipun... no need to buy dresses for auni anymore..sebab hari tuh dah beli byk kan !! ... (nak beli kasut boley :p) no cosmetic makeup... (alaa...lipstick habis dah).. no shirt, blouse or jeans.... no no no... i must ensure that my money is spend on something that is valuable rather on something useless (bukan useless la... less important)

lets get busy with reading or decoupage or blogging contest instead ?! why not kan?! :)


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