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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia.. transformation

Hoo...i googled and stop by at KLUE... found this...

many said he looks like a sick man.. aged like 45 (actual 25 maaa.......) told ya ! he's pathetic! read below comments...
hahaha...can't agree more with above comment..

Martha...4th place.. no much changes .. except for the hair ! hahaha... she looks happy for herself tho..

Runner up... Carlos from Philippine.. chef tuh ! biler dah kurus kurang sket aura tukang masak dier nih... he looks good. ramai fan dier nih... ye la.. macam friendly and relax gituh.

second runner up.. Aaron.. he is even better than Carlos (my personal opinion).. nampak tak drastik sangat..looks good and healthy. and ada muscle sket compare with others.

Anyway..lain orang lain pendapat.. i must agree with others.. David looks unhealthy ! hahaha... xpela.. saya ?!... saya masih sihat..akan menjaga kesihatan diri sendiri... menjaga makan saya... sekarang tak makan malam ! hahahah....

read more comments here.

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