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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lets watch Glee

Lets watch Glee...Star Movie every Wednesday at 10pm.. yeay~~ lagipon CSI Miami dah ganti CSI vegas..owhh...too heavy for working mother... at 10pm plak! tak larat nak pikir.. so jom tgk Glee..

Glee I watched several times lompat2 siri...itu pon tgk hari ahad...hari ulangan.. jam 3 ~ 4 ptg at star movie 711. what's catchy about this series, its a musical comedy drama.. so~~ musical kan ! setiap kali diorang nyanyi...aku pon nyanyi gak..auni siap lompat2 tepuk2 tangan lagi...hahah...i enjoy watching this drama...

already aired at 711 for several months...dah masuk episode berapa ku tak sure.. but i ada balance lagi 2 episodes sahaja ! yeay! kenapa?! hehe...dah tgk DVD my SIL.. last Saturday...whole day layan Glee..

Lea Michele (Rachel)

OK...i'm not really into the characters...Finn and Schue.. very good looking! suara pon sodap! aiceh~~ sukker bila time depa nyanyi.. and yang paling sukker biler Rachel nyanyi... hahaha...sukker nyer! the voice is full of emotion and alive! mata dier besarnyer! is it really her she is good!. kelakar biler ada satu episode tu they try to convey their feeling thru songs and singing.! hahahah....the Endless Love is the song sang by Rachel and Schue where then Rachel realize that she has feeling towards Schue...and u just need to see how Schue scared.. and try to run from Rachel. hahah ! funny...

just watch la! u'll enjoy..tak payah pikir berat2... some slot stupid! but most of it funny and entertaining!4 stars!

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