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Friday, March 12, 2010

Glee - Endless Love

huhu.. this is what i was blogging about the other day on Glee. Hah i love this scene..! Super funny.. super cute! listen to the dialog...super stupid!

kelakar la... see how Will re-act to Rachle (Lea Michele) eye contact...hahaha...super kelakar.. previously i was not sure mmg diorang nyanyi ke ?! atau somebody else punya suara... turn out.. mmg diorang nyanyi betol ! hahaha... most of them are from Broadway wonderla.

i love Lea Michele performance in Glee.. she sings very well.. love the way she laughs and act and sing and semua2 la... mata dier besar! she's just 24 years old !

Dont miss Glee ! Star movie, Wednesday 9pm.. rite after americon idle.. its fun to watch... i have 2 episodes more to go . And this song... endless love.. is the best!

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